Don’t Wait any Longer finding Ways to Stop Foreclosure

How do you stop foreclosures? Every homeowner in today’s economy should know the answers to this question. As was apparent with our most recent and lingering economic recession the housing market has a trickle-down effect on the rest of the economy. When people lose their homes to foreclosure their credit scores plummet and it becomes very difficult for them to take out loans. This becomes more of a problem for them in the future if they try to take out a mortgage to buy a home again.

Bad Credit? You are not alone

Nearly a quarter of the population in the United States has poor credit scores. This is a huge demographic. With so many people limited in their capacity to borrow money, lending companies are suffering in their own way. Now many lending companies are beginning to acquiesce and work with people with below average credit scores because there is little choice. In order for the economy to truly get back on their feet homeowners need to know how to effectively manage a mortgage and take steps to avoid foreclosures in advance.

  • If you find yourself unable to make your payments anymore on your current mortgage speak with your mortgage lender immediately.
  • Remember that your lender does not want to foreclose on your home. this would be very bad for them. Taking out another loan to stop foreclosure isn’t the only solution. The Government can help.
  • The Homes Affordable Modification Program was designed several years ago in reaction to the foreclosure crisis. The government is encouraging lending companies to renegotiate existing mortgages with current homeowners.
  • Since HAMP was designed in 2009 there have been many new programs designed to broaden the scope of this program and help more people.


What’s your debt to income ratio?

Get your finances and debt together and well documented. When you have a paper trail of the past year or two together write up a letter of hardship for your lender. Make note of all of your debt, available income, and how it is impossible to pay the current mortgage based on these facts. The lending company will not be so lenient if you are living with excessive luxuries. It needs to look like you have just enough to cover food, clothing and shelter. If you can prove eligibility, then it might be possible to negotiate a new mortgage that fits your current income levels.

Consult with a mortgage foreclosure attorney using credit-yogi. Consultations are usually free and they can give you advice on how to write up a letter of hardship. They have experts available who can advise you on mortgage and foreclosures.