Methods People Use to Stop a Foreclosure

Your financial world has cascaded down a slippery slope very quickly the last few years. You are now in a position you may never have imagined when things were going good. You are actually considering bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure on your home. Have you explored every last option? What about stopping foreclosure with a loan? You probably think it’s impossible with a bad credit score, but you’d be mistaken. We will now explore your various options in an effort to make things better.

  • Have you considered another loan to stop foreclosure? Sometimes you can get another mortgage to pay off an existing debt that is both lower in interest rates and monthly payments.
  • Another option for those with bad credit is securing an auto loan. Auto loans are really easy to get and they are also really affordable. The month to month payments are straightforward. This is an excellent choice for people who need a little bump in their cash flow to help them get through a temporary financial crisis.
  • If bankruptcy truly is the only option at this point, then you probably want to consider hiring a bankruptcy lawyer who will help you decide between chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies. This is a last resort however and should be used with caution as it will ruin your credit history for a long time.

Refinance to stop a foreclosure?

Many people refinance their mortgages, or take out loans to help pay off other debt in their life. Many government programs assist with refinancing ventures between lenders and home owners. One such program that is saving home owners currently is the home affordable modification program. A few years ago the government looked at  Stop a foreclosure  and knew that something had to be done to save home owners and lenders from further ruining the housing market with bad deals. These programs offer financial assistance to rework existing mortgages into something that matches what the home owner can afford and the existing market for their real estate.

Short term loans to help with long term fixes

Auto loans are a booming industry right now because dealerships are working to sell cars at a feverish pace. They are under a lot of pressure to sell and will often accept very low offers on cars that they otherwise would have refused a few years ago. Lenders for auto loans can be negotiated to offer very reasonable deals that will leave you wondering why you hadn’t secured a loan through them sooner. A loan like this might just be enough to get you through a difficult time financially till you are back on your feet.

Bankruptcy options

Explore your bankruptcy options if you must with a bankruptcy lawyer or legal aid. Once the decision is made you can have all collecting agencies contact a bankruptcy lawyer who will help manage things from here on out. When you file you will likely choose between chapter 7 and chapter 13. They both will absolve you from your debts; however one is often better than the other in order to keep your home depending on what type of debt problems you are experiencing.

If you have further questions regarding your debt related problems, visit They have access to the best mortgage and foreclosure experts available anywhere in the country. Call 1-866-964-9644 today and get started with a free consultation.


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