How to Stop Home Foreclosure Depends on You

Foreclosures are frightening for anyone, not only because they cost money on the parts of homeowner and lender but also because they threaten the livelihood of many families. Rest assured you as homeowners have many alternatives at your disposal to help you keep both your home and your sanity.


The Alternatives

How can you stop a foreclosure? The alternatives available are numerous and depend on a homeowner’s particular set of circumstances such as family income, types of debt and spending patterns. This is a good thing, since the problems homeowners have are just as varied from unemployment to health issues to tax delinquency. Foreclosure experts like those at Credit-Yogi can help you determine which alternative is the best move for your particular situation. The following solutions are applicable to most cases of foreclosure:

  • Home Modification Programs
  • Auto Loans
  • Bankruptcy
  • Mortgage Restructure or Refinance
  • Sell Home or Assets
  • ‘Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure’

Whichever alternative is best suited for your circumstances, a specialist can guide you through the tricky details so you know exactly what to expect. Please go and apply at by filling out a form available there for you, and a representative will contact you right away to assist you.

The Inner-workings

The inner-workings of foreclosure management are in the details. This is the reason you need to talk with experts who can discuss these alternatives with you at length. Some points are of critical importance. HAMP, for example, is one of many government program that offers lenders and borrowers the flexibility to negotiate mortgage terms as long as you as a homeowner can provide evidence to show you are suffering and unable to manage your finances with success . Without these programs, homeowners and lenders have a tough time working through the complexities involved. The Short Sale, where you sell your home prior to foreclosure, can relieve you of the financial burden but it will hurt your credit later on. Bankruptcy has the same effect. Of course, you can also transfer the ownership of your home or property to the lender, which can bring forth various other results depending on you and your lender. Still, the alternatives are there for you.

The experts at Credit Yogi are knowledgeable and specialize in foreclosure issues. They can assist you in dealing with lenders, contact lender on your behalf, inform you of the status of your foreclosure process and will track phone calls and all correspondence. How can you stop foreclosure proceeding? They will show you

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Make Sure You Save Money

Determining how to stop home foreclosure also involves saving money. This is extremely important, as some alternative will cost you more money in the end. Home Modification programs, for example, can get you lower monthly payments and interest rates so you can more successfully manage your debt repayment and get back on top. Mortgage Restructuring or Refinance can bring about the same result. In the end, you can pay off your debt while saving money at the same time. You still come out a winner!

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You Can Stop Foreclosure Sale If You Know What to Do

Property foreclosures are difficult for anyone to face or manage. For this reason, the government has created a number of programs for helping homeowners, like you, who have problems making payments. Each year, these programs save millions of homes that would otherwise be lost.


Government Programs

Many ‘stop foreclosure’ programs are available for you who are at risk of losing your homes. These programs include FHA Secure, Hope Now and Project Life, all of which offer some form of security to homeowners facing foreclosure. Various loans and grants are also there if you qualify, but you need to act quickly to get them. Credit-Yogi can help you find out which program or solution is best for you. First, you must:

  • Determine your financial situation and debt total
  • Negotiate with your mortgage lender to see where you stand
  • Create a plan of action based on your needs
  • Look into programs to see which one fits your plan

An experienced professional can help make the process easier. Go to and fill out the form. A trained staff member will get you on your way.


Foreclosure Sales

To stop foreclosure sale proceedings, you need to talk with your mortgage lender to see what you need to do. This is the point where negotiation is important because it can make the difference between keeping and losing your house. Be polite and honest about your financial situation and be willing to compromise. Your mortgage lender doe not want the property to go into foreclosure either because it would be costly. Government programs, like those mentioned above, can offer some relief. The Project Life Line in particular may grant time extensions and put off the foreclosure date.


Home Foreclosure

You can stop home foreclosure by simply knowing why your home is up for foreclosure, what you need to do to prevent it from happening and determine the foreclosure schedule so you know how much time you have. This is why you need to act as soon as possible and seek the help of someone who knows the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of home foreclosure.


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All Homeowners Should Know How to Stop Home Foreclosure

Home foreclosures can be tricky and stressful for all homeowners to face, which is why you need to know everything about how to navigate your way through them smoothly and without any problems. Knowing the details can save your home. 


Homeowner Responsibility

All homeowners should know how to stop home foreclosure. Foreclosure is usually a long, tedious and very expensive process for everyone involved. Because of this, you need to know everything you can about the foreclosure process and what your rights are as a homeowner. The trained foreclosure specialists at Credit-Yogi are available to teach you the various aspects of stopping foreclosure you need to know:

  • Options and methods available to homeowners
  • Getting a home foreclosure lawyer
  • Dealing with foreclosure statements
  • Knowing the laws and your rights
  • Negotiating with mortgage lenders
  • Various strategies and how to use them

Home foreclosure is an extremely complex issue on many levels. You cannot always do it by yourself. Fill out the form at and their trained staff will contact you quickly for more information on your case.


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Success Lies in the Details

The details are murky and quite complicated. Every option holds apparent benefits to you as well as hidden disadvantages. You need to be careful.

The details involve home foreclosures laws. The National Housing Commission has its own legal requirements as do state and local governments. Your rights as a homeowner include financial responsibilities as a consumer and constitutional guarantees as a citizen. Credit Yogi’s Experts can assist you in understanding the complexities of contracts, homeowner applications and other legal documents. They interact with lenders as your representative, keep you informed of everything and show you how to navigate the minefield.  Knowing how to stop a home foreclosure can save your life.


Foreclosure Sales: Loss of Life and Home

Foreclosure sales are usually the end for homeowners. For this reason, you need to know how to stop a foreclosure sale before it happens. Foreclosure sales result if all other options fail for you, but they have a schedule structure. You need to know when, where and all the details involved so you can prevent it. What is the earliest legal time for your lender to place your home on the market or auction it off? Where would this auction take place? What legal steps can you take to prevent that? Always think ahead.

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Methods People Use to Stop a Foreclosure

Your financial world has cascaded down a slippery slope very quickly the last few years. You are now in a position you may never have imagined when things were going good. You are actually considering bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure on your home. Have you explored every last option? What about stopping foreclosure with a loan? You probably think it’s impossible with a bad credit score, but you’d be mistaken. We will now explore your various options in an effort to make things better.

  • Have you considered another loan to stop foreclosure? Sometimes you can get another mortgage to pay off an existing debt that is both lower in interest rates and monthly payments.
  • Another option for those with bad credit is securing an auto loan. Auto loans are really easy to get and they are also really affordable. The month to month payments are straightforward. This is an excellent choice for people who need a little bump in their cash flow to help them get through a temporary financial crisis.
  • If bankruptcy truly is the only option at this point, then you probably want to consider hiring a bankruptcy lawyer who will help you decide between chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies. This is a last resort however and should be used with caution as it will ruin your credit history for a long time.

Refinance to stop a foreclosure?

Many people refinance their mortgages, or take out loans to help pay off other debt in their life. Many government programs assist with refinancing ventures between lenders and home owners. One such program that is saving home owners currently is the home affordable modification program. A few years ago the government looked at  Stop a foreclosure  and knew that something had to be done to save home owners and lenders from further ruining the housing market with bad deals. These programs offer financial assistance to rework existing mortgages into something that matches what the home owner can afford and the existing market for their real estate.

Short term loans to help with long term fixes

Auto loans are a booming industry right now because dealerships are working to sell cars at a feverish pace. They are under a lot of pressure to sell and will often accept very low offers on cars that they otherwise would have refused a few years ago. Lenders for auto loans can be negotiated to offer very reasonable deals that will leave you wondering why you hadn’t secured a loan through them sooner. A loan like this might just be enough to get you through a difficult time financially till you are back on your feet.

Bankruptcy options

Explore your bankruptcy options if you must with a bankruptcy lawyer or legal aid. Once the decision is made you can have all collecting agencies contact a bankruptcy lawyer who will help manage things from here on out. When you file you will likely choose between chapter 7 and chapter 13. They both will absolve you from your debts; however one is often better than the other in order to keep your home depending on what type of debt problems you are experiencing.

If you have further questions regarding your debt related problems, visit They have access to the best mortgage and foreclosure experts available anywhere in the country. Call 1-866-964-9644 today and get started with a free consultation.

Learning about Foreclosure Prevention

As an unemployed homeowner with an at risk mortgage, it was hard for me to picture any kind of forgiving option to prevent foreclosure. It seemed like the likely outcome, and I was desperate. Luckily I learned that the government under Obama has made foreclosure more possible through the implementation of several programs to work with homeowners on foreclosure prevention, and stricter requirements for certain servicers who have been found guilty of improper loan and foreclosure practices. I was afraid of talking to my lender at first, but through counsel with credit yogi, connected with an organization that worked with me and my lender to reduce the principal of the mortgage.

Prevention Programs

Through the Making Home Affordable Program, the Obama administration hopes to improve housing market conditions, economy, and stop foreclosures for homeowners everywhere. There are options to apply for lower mortgage rates and different terms to avoid foreclosure. If you’re looking for an escape from an insurmountable mortgage and housing situation, there are transitional measures that help borrowers out of their housing situation without the agony foreclosure. There were options for people like me who were unemployed and needed assistance communicating with lenders. Credit Yogi can inform homeowners about these programs and determine which one is right for them.

Protection and Aid from Servicers

Recently, I was informed about a state-federal mortgage settlement from 2012 in which the lending servicers Bank of America, Ally/GMAC, Citibank, JP Morgan, and Wells Fargo were under requirement to adjust their mortgage and foreclosure practices. Servicers were ordered to work off a requirement of millions of dollars in principal reductions and relief within three years of issued judgments. States have been provided money to aid in foreclosure prevention programs. Those worried about finding stopping foreclosure programs should find comfort in knowing that the government under Obama is in their court.

Receiving Benefits

There are many ways that “Make Homes Affordable” touches at risk homeowners looking for stop foreclosure help. There are programs that lower mortgage payments to a percentage of the homeowner’s income. Those having trouble with underwater mortgages or situations where the mortgage principal is higher than the value of the home itself can be reduced through reduction alternatives. Homeowners like me can apply for a mortgage suspension with an unemployment program. These run for a year or more while the homeowner seeks new employment.  The Federal housing authority also offers services to homeowners with unemployment or other hardships facing current or imminent default and foreclosure. 

I’ve heard of people seeking managed exits during foreclosure. They may either be looking to retain the home or transition into a more affordable situation. There are easy quick ways they can get rid of the house with enough transitioning time to find something new, such as a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure. After auctioning there is a window in which the foreclosed homeowner can retain the home by paying off the rest of the mortgage and the costs of foreclosure.

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In any case, there are options out there and can lead homeowners to the right one. They are a popular consumer service and web resource for consumers and homeowners in desperate need of support or guidance. One of their 260,000 experts can advise and connect you with the right program in a free consultation.  Call 866-964-9644 today.

When to Hire a Mortgage Foreclosure Lawyer

Just last year, my family and I were facing foreclosure, and the thought of losing our beautiful home where we’d hoped to raise our kids just saddened us beyond words. We cried and raged about the injustice of it, but in the end, we knew it was our fault. We hadn’t notified our bank when my husband lost his job, and now we need a mortgage foreclosure attorney to help us keep our home. Now, I have no idea how to go about choosing the right foreclosure lawyer for our situation, so when a friend recommended, I went right to it, and I’m so glad I did.

There are several ways to choose the best foreclosure of mortgage attorney, as I learned. However, there are a couple of other things to do before I hiring a lawyer, such as contacting HUD, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, according to I couldn’t imagine what HUD could do for us, but I found out. Turns out that HUD has housing counselors who can help folks in my family’s position to get through the “red tape” and look into mortgage modification if we so chose. Modifying a mortgage just means making changes to it so the payment is lower. Even if I go ahead and get a lawyer, the housing counselor can help me organize all the information he’ll need. I found that comforting.

The fiscal professionals at strongly suggested that I make a chronology of what happened to put me in this position, and that I get someone who understands mortgage foreclosure with law experience. I retained the help of a HUD counselor to work with me so I could pinpoint exactly what happened and offer proof of the financial hardship we are now living with. I had to provide the letters I received after I applied – and was turned down – for mortgage modification, along with any other letters I got when we fell behind on our payments. I also pulled together a log of all the conversations I had with our bank so the lawyer (assuming I got one) could look them over.

Once all of my information was organized, I still wanted to hire a mortgage foreclosure attorney. The question was how to go about it. Again, came through for me. I discovered that word of mouth is an excellent way to hear about good (and bad) attorneys, as is utilizing a lawyer referral service. Online attorneys are a good source of possibilities, and so is getting other attorneys’ opinions of the ones I was looking at. I found a great foreclosure defense lawyer and won my case. was a godsend when I really needed one. It helped me keep my home, and if you’re facing foreclosure, it can help you, too. Just call 866-964-9644 for a free consultation.

How You can Avoid a Foreclosure Sale

I want to tell you a quick story about how I avoided foreclosure. My hope is that perhaps you will learn something if you ever are faced with foreclosure on a first or second mortgage. I’m a relatively new homeowner having only owned my home for about ten years. Many mortgages take several decades to pay off, and that’s basically what my intention was when I purchased my first home. In hindsight I didn’t spend enough time wondering how life can change so dramatically over the course of even one decade.

Over the past few years the economy has grown and digressed many times. This has coincided with the failure of the housing market to recover from the recession that caused financial markets to crash across the country. Mortgage foreclosure rates have slowed somewhat recently, but many people are still struggling to make their monthly payments. In 2009 the Obama administration recognized that this problem was not going away on its own and families needed government help to stop foreclosures from continuing. Their policies created that year were part of a larger government program called HAMP.

  • HAMP benefits both the lender and the homeowner.
  • Eligibility requires that the mortgage was created before 2009, and the homeowner must show significant signs of financial hardship that make paying the existing mortgage impossible.
  • The lender and the borrower can renegotiate an existing mortgage to make the payments more manageable for the homeowner and the repayment of the entire loan more assured for the lender.

Two problems

In my particular case my family had been hit with a double whammy. I had lost my job because of cut backs, and my wife fell very ill. The bills for her medical expenses were piling up quickly, and the income coming from unemployment was barely covering food, clothing and utilities. We were in desperate need of financial stability, and had no choice but to put off paying our mortgage so she could continue her treatments in the hospital.

How will I avoid foreclosure?

The mortgage lender worked with us the first couple months reluctantly, but eventually they began talking about foreclosure because they worried that we’d never repay the loan we owed. I sat down one evening and wrote out a long list of all our expenses as a family, and all the income we had coming in. I did this all in great detail. When I had finished I presented it to the people at the bank the next day. It showed how there was no way with my current income that I was going to be able to sustain the payments the way things were lined up. This is when they suggested HAMP.

It turns out that they had already worked with another family under this government program and were even up to date on second mortgage foreclosure laws. They sent my information in to the Department of Housing and Urban Development to be reviewed and shortly thereafter I was accepted for eligibility. My mortgage lender likes the system because they get a substantial financial return by participating.

Together we reworked a new mortgage that was lower in total principal as well as monthly payments. I was assured of keeping my home, and my mortgage lender was assured of being repaid in full. It was a win-win situation.

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